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Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GMBH

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Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GMBH

Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GMBH
About the Organisation

DKRZ, the German Climate Computing Centre, is a national service provider which constitutes an outstanding research infrastructure for model-based simulations of global and regional climate and the investigation of the processes in the climate system. DKRZ’s principal objectives are provision of adequate computer performance, data management, and service and support to use these tools efficiently. DKRZ operates one of the largest supercomputers in Germany and provides its more than 1000 scientific users with the technical infrastructure needed for the processing and analysis of huge amounts of data from climate simulations. This also includes training and support for related application software and data processing issues. DKRZ participates in many national and international projects aiming to improve the infrastructure for climate modeling. Through its research group on scientific computing DKRZ is linked to the Department of Informatics of the University of Hamburg.

Role in ESCAPE2

WP1: Algorithms and Mathematics

  • participate in the extraction of ICON related climate dwarfs

WP2: Programming Models & Domain-specific Languages

  • participate in the definition of requirements and design of a high level DSL
  • support of DSL development
  • participate in the application of DSL to ICON related dwarfs
  • participate in the evaluation of DSL usability and testing of adapted dwarfs

WP3: Weather & Climate Benchmarks

  • DKRZ is workpackage leader of WP3
  • contribute to the definition of ICON based benchmarks
  • participate in the re-integration of DSL versions of ICON based dwarfs into benchmarks
  • DKRZ is responsible for definition, assembly and dissemination of HPCW benchmark suite.